Thursday, September 11, 2008

That's Amore

They told me it would happen. I openly mocked and argued, but they were right. Everyone told me that one of the outcomes of moving to Provo, Utah was that you're destined to find your one true love. Let me just tell you that I've never been so deeply happy as the night I discovered DEEP FRIED TWINKIES! That's winced didn't you. So did I at first. Twinkie eating is nothing to be proud of to begin with, let alone dipping it in batter and flinging into a vat of fat...or so I thought! Put aside all preconceived notions you had about those tiny golden sponge cakes and find yourself a Deep Fried Twinkie stand...yep, a the street. I would like to take a moment and thank the individuals of the Utah State Fair Committee who approved the Twinkie Stand and also my Aunt Tay for introducing me to my one true love.


Caitlin*Brinton said...

so it's sad that after all these months of you non-blogging I still checked to see if you had posted... and you HAD! And that makes me want to hurl... but I'm glad you found "him"... :) Now that you're at school you must keep up informed!! Blog about your cute apartment!!

TDF said...

Nice new look, Pooter. Are you and Aspen on the prowl tonight? The golden brown spongy part was good but I wasn't really fond of the liquified creamy white center oozing everywhere. I'll stick with stale Peeps. Go study! Love ya, Dad
(Bottom 3rd - Cubs 0 Cards 0)

Codi said...

Yum and yuck. I can't tell which one it would be. How is the Y cute girl? I want updates!!!

We still need to make Troop BH happen sometime soon. Email, call or text me when you will be up for a weekend and we'll plan a night!!

love you!

Aspen Skye said...


Caitlin*Brinton said...

Happy birthday yesterday!

Sandy said...

Ahhh, young love! Just wait until you fall for the whole box!

grandmacinny said...

Yes, I flinched, big time. But I so excited to here about the twinkie. I want one. I am tending Mia this week while the Parkes are in Disneyland. She is so adorable, but boy does she have a temper. She reminds me so much of her mother.

You sound great, I hope your loving it down there.

Cindy G