Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh, sweet victory.

I'll be the first to admit it...when our Utah Jazz el sucketh-ed I did my fair share of bad mouthing. However, the last couple of seasons I've grown rather fond of them. My fondness increased this evening as I gleefully watched them romp on the sickening San Antonio Spurs. No offense to any Spur fans, but your team is a bunch of whining pansies. So the 90-64 victory was especially sweet this evening. Adding to the sweetness, Gregg Popovich's three leading men were benched for most of the final quarter with nothing to do but pout and look on as Jazz brilliantly ending their 8 game winning streak. Welcome back to Utah!

Parker, Ginobili, and Duncan all benched. All they could do was watch in frustration.

Boozer muscling the ball away from Duncan. I love it when they shut him down!

More pouting! I love these pictures, they're classic! I laugh every time I look at them!


Mom said...

I wish I loved laundry as much as you love sports!


Caitlin*Brinton said...

I HATE the Spurs!!! Ugh! They are SUCH whiners. We so need to have playoff parties this year. Don't you just love Boozer?

Aspen Skye said...

ummmm sweet sister.....I'm not mentioned in any of your blogs....?

Caitlin*Brinton said...

NOOOOOOOOO- I'm going to miss the party tomorrow night. Although I'll be arriving in Costa Rica, I will still be sad to be missing it. Last week was really fun for us. Have a good time and will them to win so we can have some more parties when I get back. Love you guys- update your blogs.

Charmaine said...

Hey Haylie, how and where did you get those pictures of the Jazz game? Teach me how. By the way, I'm still waiting for your e-mail!!!
Oh, how come there is no mention of Aspen in your blog?
Aunt Mainie