Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wrigley Beans Bella Pooche

It's my understanding that most of us create a blog to inform the world of the great vacations we take, the crazy outings we experience, or to show off how cute our children takes a puppy to get the Fergusons on the bandwagon that is blogging. After the fiasco we had over trying to name her (hence the incredibly long name), we unanimously agreed that one blog for the five of us just wasn't going to work. So here I am, one of five slightly crazy individuals who have decided to create a blog because of our dog. Wrigley Beans Bella Pooche came to us in November. Our lives have never been the same. In my unbiased opinion, she's the cutest dog of all time...she's probably also the worst. Our days are spent begging her to, "LEAVE IT!" or "NO BITING!" or "Wrigley, come....come...COME!" We're uber tired and any piece of skin not protected by clothing is permanently scarred. Despite all of that, she really is a good dog. She loves to go on her walks and to play in the snow. She just graduated from Puppy Kindergarten, and has mastered "sit", "shake", "roll over", "fetch", and "look at me". We have so much fun with our Wrigley Beans!


Haylie said...

I love my blog and I just know that my sisters are sooooo jealous! The smart one and the naked one can just long to be just like me....the perfect one.


(okay, your mom wrote this one too...I crack meself up! Haylie this blog is you and I love it and you soooo much..don't let the smart one and the naked one read this or they WILL be jealous! Smooches, mom}

Caitlin*Brinton said...

HAYLIE!!! You are so gorgeous and wonderful and I want updates constantly, s'il vous plait. I love the picture on the top of your blog, it's gorgeous and makes me wish we were all off on the beach together somewhere. Love you!